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About Byron and Vortex

Byron Campbell (The Artist)


Byron was born in Canada and although he has lived in the UK for over 35 years, he still considers himself a Canuck. He has worked as a Sign Language interpreter for over 40 years and has now branched out into another visual expression - flow art.

Vortex Art


Vortex Art comes from the belief that we are all creating and attracting the things that appear in our lives. Vortex Art is aiming to create beautiful pieces that will uplift and inspire people to a joyful place.

All original creations


Each piece of art is a unique and individual creation. There will NEVER be two pieces the same. We do not do prints so you will never see your piece of art hanging anywhere else.

What is flow art?


Flow art is a term used to describe paintings and other art work created by pouring and blending the paint (or other medium) onto the base surface. This creates amazing patterns and colour  combinations that are not possible using  a  brush.

where to view byron’s Work


Byron’s art creations are best viewed live - photographs can never convey the full range of colours, light and emotions that are in each piece. See the links page for galleries that are currently showing Byron’s work.

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